Getting Things Done

I bet one of the most common items on the lists of newly-enshrined GTD-practitioners is blogging about their fantastic new system and how better off they are than when they had a life-less-organised. I’d hate to break the stereotype, since stereotypes are so very, very useful, so here I go.

Omnifocus. It really is very good. I really do feel like my head is clearer. I really do think I’ve had quite a productive week. I really have forgotten to put article-writing down as a project. Gah!

Anyway, enough of this thinly-veiled filler post. I’ll wrap it up by giving you a hint of what’s to come. Very soon I’ll be waxing lyrical about a new application that really could change the way we interact with scientific literature, putting it right at the heart of the community and the data. Really. Not long to wait now…

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