Days Ninety One to Ninety Seven

It's the final week of tapering! Which means more stretching than running. More foam rolling than stretching. And more eating than foam rolling.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored one of the 90 days that came before this: the support has been amazing.

Even though there are no sessions left to sponsor now, you can still contribute by going directly to my Just Giving page!


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Day Ninety

Thanks to Steve for sponsoring today's session!

Steve ruled this run with a soundtrack - The Destroyers - and an extra exercise - burpees. Since I've decided to stay off the miles until marathon day, I instead doubled the number of burpees to 50! I hope that's ok Steve...

Want to know more about burpees? Stuart Heritage has an excellent review of the exercise. In his words, "They’re the worst at first – and they pretty much continue to be the worst for ever". So what better to listen to while doing them then a band called The Destroyers?


Sponsor: Steve P

Type: Strength and conditioning: Burpees

Highlight: Stopping