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From Engadget's "Apple OS X Lion (10.7) review":

The [scrolling] inversion seems inspired by iOS, wherein flicking up a page will cause it to scroll down (take out your iPhone and try it, if you don't believe us).

It's certainly the case that the inversion of scrolling is a confusion at first, but surely this is the most convoluted and confused way of picturing scrolling on an iPhone there has ever been?

The popular analogy here is a piece of paper laid out on a desk -- in order to see more text on the top, you push it down, rather than up, with your fingers.

I thought the popular analogy was: if you want to move the content up, you move it up.

While in the Finder, for example, swiping three fingers from left to right brings up the Dashboard

No: while on the left-most space, swiping three fingers from left to right brings up the Dashboard, since the Dashboard sits to the left of your desktop spaces.

The Spotlight magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner now extends beyond system search, adding top results from the web, Wikipedia, and dictionary results to the list.

Umm, it did three-quarters of this in Snow Leopard already.

...the ability to navigate back and forth between websites by flicking the trackpad with two fingers, not unlike the single-finger swipe that works with mobile Safari.

Very unlike mobile Safari, since it doesn't have that feature.

And there was me thinking that I've only been using this new OS for 20 minutes, I don't really know enough to comment. I'll leave that to the professionals.

If you'd like a real review of Lion, I'd suggest you go to head to John Siracusa's over at Ars Technica. And put a pot of coffee on.