Day Zero

Today was Day Zero of training. A cold, sunny, and beautiful day in East London, perfect to trot out ten miles I thought, actually the longest run I've done since the Royal Park's Half last October. A nice run, sure, but I'm not sure this warrants a whole sub-blog on the site, I hear you say. 

Perhaps I should back up.

Last Tuesday a wonderful friend messaged me to see if I wanted a place in the 2016 London Marathon. Unbelievable - I'd missed the open ballot my literally an hour, been unsuccessful in finding a charity place, and so had resigned myself to a year of shorter races and applying next year. (Yes, other marathons are available, but I'd convinced myself actually it was much more sensible to wait another year.)

I said yes.

By Friday the place was confirmed, and so today training began.

So why Day Zero? Well, the training schedule I've landed on will begin in earnest on Monday, but since I'm already two weeks behind I thought I should make the most of this weekend and get a good long run in. Mainly just to make sure my feet still work.

They do! The run went smoothly, all my new winter gear held up (I did look slightly bionic) and both feet are fine.

Bring it on!


Type: Long run

Distance: 10 miles

Audio: ATP Episode 152

Necessary item: Ron Hill hat