Day Seventy Nine

Thanks to Julie for sponsoring today's session!

Back to intervals after a break, these were 1/2 miles with 15 seconds walk in between. Thankfully Julie ruled this run with the choice of Modest Mouse on the headphones: I picked the classic album "The Moon And Antartica" and the upbeat tails of the afterlife kept me pushing through the tired legs from yesterday.

After the run, I headed to The National Portrait Gallery where we'd been invited for breakfast and to meet the people running the Families Project, the project that we are raising money for, and hear more about it.

It was fantastic to see what they've done already with money from previous donations: free materials such as art guides and sketch books, bespoke areas in the galleries specifically set aside for families, staff to help out, and drop-in sessions. These are just a handful of the things they are doing: with the money raised from this run, they'll be able to really expand what is already a successful programme. So, thank you so much for donating!

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Sponsor: Julie

Type: Tempo Run

Highlight: I Came As A Rat