Day Thirty One

Thanks to Alice for sponsoring today's session!

For today's training Alice convinced me (with hard cash in the form of sponsorship) to try Project Awesome, a completely free workout class held outdoors in and around London. Each week there is a session held at The Scoop @ More London, which is the big sunken amphitheatre on the bank of the Thames between Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast. 

The session started with a run across Tower Bridge and back, then we started on scoops - starting from the base of the ampitheatre you run up and down one step, then two, then three, until you've reached the top - there are 9 I think. Oh, each step is about 2 and half feet high. 

We then finished with a game of human hungry hippos - think wheelbarrow racing but with adults shoving balls down their tops.

Finally we went for a well deserved coffee at  local cafe, where even the staff were in Project Awesome t-shirts.

All in all, a pretty awesome start to the day!

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Sponsor: Alice F

Type: Step Running at Project Aweseome

Highlight: A classic mix by the KJS!